Life on the big stage …

No matter what size stage you require CPSA have the ability to tailor our staging panels to meet your specific requirements.

Flat ground, uneven ground, with a runway, with wings, even suspended over water; we’ve done it all. Basically if you can dream up the idea we’ll work out a way to get it done. Aside from their imposing presence, these structures are incredibly strong in their own right. The larger systems can hold up to 15 tonnes of equipment in the roofs and able to withstand winds of up to 100kph.

To augment our large ground support systems we have two mobile trailer stages that allow for a relatively quick bump in and bump out.

Although these trailer based units are not as large as the full ground support structures, they still offer the ability to fly fully professional audio and lighting equipment whilst retaining the ability to be on and off site in the shortest possible time.

Each event or concert has its own particular requirements and budget.

Our 8m x 6.8m mobile stage is just what the doctor ordered for the less spacious gig. Team this stage with our compact Cobra line array and you’ve got a fully professional concert set up in miniature.