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It’s a fact of life, if you put food and drink in, eventually it has to come out.

Organizing an event is stressful enough without having toilet dramas. So like the line from the movie “Kenny”, we want you to “Relax and let it go!”

Enter CPSA’s MOBILE TOILETS & SHOWERS AUSTRALIA. Just another way in which we try to make your job a little easier, even if it means wee end up in the … um … poo!


The ladies section has 7 separate cubicles and the gents section which has 5 cubicles and 5 meters of urinal.

Each area is provided with hand cleaning soap, hand towels and wash basins to assist with hygiene. With 7000 liters of holding tank capacity multiple pump outs are not normally necessary (unless you’re serving curry).

All we require to run the unit is a connection to a normal garden hose on mains pressure along with a 10amp power supply if the unit is required at night. Power is normally not an issue if we are doing production as we’ll have generation facilities on site. Should the event be a music festival (i.e. music with lots of young people) you will require an expert in poo-ology to facilitate the removal of certain foreign objects from the plumbing. (unfortunately we have learned this from experience.) Of course you are more than welcome to put your hands to this task yourself, however we do have our own in-house Kenny who regularly puts himself in harms way to keep the event flowing.